Friday, June 29, 2012

Don't be a bitch if you can't handle a bitch,

Days grow longer , time pass by in just a blink. I'm already 18 , I'm taking my diploma , and I've been through hell for the past few years.. Thank God I survived.

All the things I went through, I keep questioning not only myself, but also everyone, "What did I do to deserve such shit?" No one had the answer , only I did. Took quite sometime for me to actually figure it out.

No human deserves to be fucked over especially when your intentions are nearly as good as anything in the world. But then again , nobody, absolutely nobody is perfect. We make mistakes intentionally or maybe unintentionally, that is between you and yourself. Every single mistake might hurt a soul or maybe wound a heart. We all get fucked over over and over again although we don't deserve it. But somehow all that fucking over made us stronger. Made us who we are today.

But if you really did fuck over someone's life, don't question. You know what you deserve.

Treat others like how you wish to be treated.