Saturday, November 26, 2011

Blood is thicker than water

"When things get rough, some will hide and some will go. But family will remain where they stand and surely will never leave you alone"

I had an awesome time last night. The BBQ was great ! veryone made it. All the relatives gathered around having laughs and playing guitars , singing along and just spending time doing ridiculous things. I'm blessed with a family I'd never trade anything in this world for.

The food last night was amazing. Mama's mashed potato, Uncle Yen's nasi goreng, the BBQ lamb and chicken, and Mak Ja's cocktail custard. TO DIE FOR. I stuffed so many food till i can't even move from that one spot. Pretty much the same thing happened to the others :p

Spent time at the balcony with Thariq and Fasya, sharing mostly everything. Asking each other's opinion. It felt so right letting out everything I wished to burst. I felt relieved :')

So most of the aunts and uncles were asking about SPM and I've got great deals. Hihihihi 7A's come to mamaaaaaa. I'll be getting jolly goodness if I manage to get the 7A's . Well, I did say IF. If and only if. Oh well.

Great food. Great laugh. Great company. I just love my family.

xx Dini Fadzil