Friday, November 25, 2011

A step at a time

I've been so caught up with SPM preparations. Although I think my preparations we'rent entirely enough, but I'm just glad I tried my best. My very best. The first day of SPM was one of the most scariest day of my life. I didn't expect it to happen that fast. But oh well , at least I went through it in one piece :)

Most of the papers were great. I managed to NOT send an empty paper like I used to do. It was filled with answers, I'm so proud of me hihi. All that's left now is Arts paper 2 on 1st December, Accounts on 5th December and Economics on 6th December. Yes, 6th December. That day is the day I get to run around freely and shake off the stress. Just a week left. Patience.

I don't think I would want to think of how my results would turn out. Well not now that is. I need to loosen up and enjoy this moment while it last. I still have a lot of commitment I need to surrender myself to. I'm already at this part of life where I need to make my own huge decisions. Lots of decisions. And heck, I'm not ready. At all. It's creeping me out, but I still have to face it. I'll figure out a way to face it somehow, someway. Someday, lol.

SPM , be over! Please. Need to shake off all these stress.
xx Dini Fadzil