Friday, November 25, 2011

Start off fresh .

Well, hi, hello.
I haven't been blogging for quite some time. Guess the old blog was filled with memories I wish to let go, so yeah, it has been terminated. Finally terminated.

I plan to let go of the sorrow that's pulling me back from happiness. A friend of mine keeps reminding me " Stop living in the past ". Yes, that friend would be my retard bestfriend, Baim. He keeps telling me how I keep holding on to the past. The past should stay in the past. I'll just hurt myself if I keep holding on to something that's never coming back. I need to fix myself. A brand new me.

Obviously I need drastic changes. I regret half of the things I did in the past. Still, no point having tons of regrets if I don't learn from it. It's time for me to aim for something new. Look forward for the future instead of mourning over the past. I should. Wait, I will.

I miss blogging actually. I wonder what made me stop. Since I stopped, I have about 5 journals filled with my crappy writings and scribbles. It's weird how I prefer express my feelings in a book than to a human being. But that's just me.

I'll write more. This is just to say, I've missed you Blogspot :')

xx Dini Fadzil